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Today, BIC continues its legacy of innovation with the “Next BIC® Thing” platform, bringing consumers directly into the Innovation and Research & Development process.

Kicking off with BIC's new AI-enabled prototype shaver, this new community of ambassadors – called the “BIC® R&D Squad” – will test BIC's product prototypes, provide feedback, and interact with BIC's internal teams.

Unveiled at the CES



Consumer Technology Association

January 7-10, Las Vegas

Venetian CES Booth INVOXIA & BIC: Sands, Hall A-D - 45131



The “Next BIC® Thing” will help broaden and strengthen the insights BIC uses to create new products that are perfectly adapted to today’s consumers.

The first members to be selected will receive a free prototype

Build the “BIC R&D Squad” community

Build the “BIC R&D Squad” community

Collect Data, Insights & Feedback

Collect Data, Insights & Feedback

Analyze Consumer Behavior

Analyze Consumer Behavior

Create New Products Perfectly Adapted to your Wants and Needs

Create New Products Perfectly Adapted to your Wants and Needs



The first focus of the “Next BIC® Thing” Program is the shaving experience.

Using BIC's new AI-enabled prototype shaver, the first BIC wet shaver with AI technology, we will capture data about the complete shaving experience, including temperature, hair thickness, hair density, shaving speed, number of strokes, time spent shaving, blade dullness, and more.

With its community of users and the data collected through the companion app, BIC will create its next generation of shavers, perfectly adapted to today’s users, their different skin types and their shaving habits.

Try “The prototype razor—available only to the BIC® R&D Squad for now—was designed in partnership with Invoxia, a global leader in the design and development of connected devices.” 


sneak peek

A great shave takes many steps.

How do you prepare your skin? Which product do you use? Our process makes sure we tailor your next shave to your needs.


User characteristics


Shaving actions


Performance assessment

First step

Apply to the BIC R&D squad by filling in the form.

Second step

Applicant selection

Third step

Receive your prototype and a selection of cartridges.

Last step

Simply pair the devices and shave!

Want to be part of the “Next BIC Thing”?

Apply to have a chance to join the “BIC R&D Squad” today! Register now to help us invent the future of shaving.

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BIC has led innovation in the stationery, lighter and razor industries – starting with the Cristal® pen and most recently with its launch of BodyMark by BIC®, the first BIC temporary tattoo marker made specifically for skin.



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