We have created a small guide to assist you in using the razor as easily as possible while we gather the correct type of data.




Place shaver on the charging dock.
Plug usb cable to the charging dock and to a power source. Charge for at least 2 hours.

Download app

Get ‘BIC Squad Razor’ app from the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android).



Open app

Follow in-app instructions to set up device.

Enjoy your shave!

In the packaging you will find:

  • One Razor
  • One Docking Station
  • One USB Type C cable that can be plugged to an adaptor or your laptop/PC.
  • Four Shaving Cartridges
  • One User Manual

B. We have shipped four cartridges

2x5 Blades Cartridge

1x4 Blades Cartridge

1x3 Blades Cartridge


Use the Squad Razor as part of your regular routine. Shave with the same frequency, preparation and schedule.

Please use the cartridges in the following order:

  1. The 5 Blades Cartridge
  2. The 4 Blades Cartridge
  3. The 3 Blade Cartridge
  4. The second 5 Blades Cartridge

Use each cartridge until you believe it needs to be changed, then continue to the next one. It is important that every time you switch to a new cartridge you scan the corresponding QR code.

After the first shave you will be prompted to take a selfie after 48 hours, since we want to have a picture of your facial hair growth at a specific time interval. This will be required only once.

At your second shave you will have to complete a questionnaire about your We are asking for this info in order to create correlation between your habits, characteristics and the shaving action derived from the Squad Razor sensors and algorithms.

Once you have completed shaving, all data are transferred automatically through the mobile application to the cloud. When shaving, keep your device close to the and connected to your home wireless network.

The shaver can be used in the shower or under a jet of water since it is waterproof. The docking station is only splash proof hence it cannot be placed in the shower or submerged.

Please only use the Squad Razor on your face. Its algorithms are trained for the face only and using it on other parts of your body will confuse our data exploration.

If you are at your last cartridge and want to keep shaving with the Squad Razor and remain part of the program, simply let us know at SquadRazor@bicworld.com.

At the end of the program we will be in touch through this page and email to arrange for the safe return of the Squad Razor.